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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need space exploration?

One of the most important reasons for space exploration is that it helps human beings come up with innovative ways of communication. The use of satellites has made it possible to quickly transmit signals and pictures from one point of the Earth to another. Space exploration enables people to learn more about Earth.

What is happening in space?

Space, appears as a space in the Mario Party series and appears in all boards. The happening spaces are depicted as a green space with a question mark as the space symbol. When a character lands on a happening space, a specific event occurs which depends on the board map that the character is playing on.

How many space stations are there in space?

Answer Wiki. There are only two space stations currently in orbit - the International Space Station and China's Tiangong-1. ISS is manned at all times and Tiangong-1 is unmanned most of the time.

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