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Frequently Asked Questions

What is social change in India?

Social Changes in India: Concept, Study and Other Details! The concept of social change is a very broad one. It consists of a constellation of processes of change in human society in terms of place, time and context. Since it is so broad, it is bound to be somewhat imprecise, tentative and value-neutral.

What has changed in Indian society in recent years?

One of the most significant changes in Indian society in recent years has been the steady improvement of the status of women. The Hindu religion, as evidenced in the process of Sanskritization that occurs within its social structure, often oppressed women using religious justification.

How did the British influence social change in India?

When studying social change in India, the term 'Westernisation' is crucial. The three hundred years of British rule in India resulted in significant changes in the Indian people's lifestyle. It ushered in not only economic and political shifts, but also cultural and social shifts.

What are some examples of social change?

Sociology developed as an intellectual response to catalytic social change”. The French Revolution, the Civil War in America, the Industrial Revolution in Britain, and the Indian Freedom Movement are examples of rapid transformations of society.

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