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Frequently Asked Questions

What things do you need for soccer?

Here is a list of required soccer equipment: Soccer players should play in turf shoes or cleats, special footwear made exclusively for soccer (make sure you don’t purchase baseball or football cleats). These shoes provide better traction on grass, which increases player’s ability to stay on their feet.

Can you touch the ball in soccer?

When the ball is in play the rules of soccer are fairly simple. You cannot touch the ball with your hands or arms intentionally unless you are the goalie. You cannot foul another player or be offside (these soccer rules are described below).

What do you do in a soccer tryout?

Shin guards are a must for a soccer tryout. Soccer cleats have hard soles, and getting accidentally kicked in the leg while scrimmaging can shorten your tryout with an injury. Soccer socks are worn over the shin guards to keep them securely in place and add further protection.

Can You Pull Your goalie in soccer?

In soccer the goalkeeper can act just as another player. He can also use his hands in the penalty area, but he can play anywhere. It is relatively usual in play-out matches that the goalkeeper goes to attack, when there is a corner kick in the last minute and they lose by just one goal.

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