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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sneakers IPTV?

Sneakers IPTV is a Live TV service that hosts over 6,000 channels mostly in HD quality. Their standard package costs under $10/month and includes international, sports, PPV, entertainment, news, and other channel categories. This package comes with one connection, but you can get more during registration if you prefer.

What is sneakers TV and how to use it?

With Sneakers TV you can watch over 6000 live TV channels for only $10 a month. They offer channels for USA, Canada & UK. This service has a really nice feel to it and is easy to use. You will need to sign up for an account to use this service. You can do so by clicking the "sign up for service" button below this.

What are the best IPTV services?

Verified IPTV Services 1 fuboTV (TROYPOINT’s #1 Rated Service) 2 Philo 3 Pluto TV 4 Sling TV 5 YouTube TV 6 Hulu Live TV 7 AT&T TV

What is an unverified IPTV service?

These are IPTV providers that require their subscribers to sideload an application that pulls in the live TV channels. Due to the fact that TROYPOINT has no way to determine whether these services carry the proper licensing, we call them unverified services.

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