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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best fishing net?

Useful for fresh or saltwater fishing, the Wakeman Retractable Landing Net features a cavernous net with a flat bottom to hold fish of all sizes. If you want the lightest and most space-saving design in a fishing net, look no further than the RESTCLOUD Telescoping Aluminum.

Can I use my Nets in saltwater?

Our nets can be used in FRESHWATER or SALTWATER. It’s important to not damage fish scales and slime. Our nets are made with KNOTLESS netting that is 100% LATEX-INFUSED to provide maximum protection of the health of the fish. Since the netting is RUBBER LATEX-INFUSED, there are no strands to snag hooks and cause you to loose fish while landing.

Are rubber nets better for fish?

Rubber ents are more delicate and softer than other conventional nets. Most rubber nets are so soft that they look transparent underwater. So they are indeed much better for the fish. If you want to catch your fish without causing any damage to its body, rubber nets are the way to go. These are heavily used for catch and release fishing.

What is SF fly fishing landing net?

SF fly fishing landing net is a catch and release net made from soft rubber mesh. The frame itself is actually laminated bamboo and hardwood. So this whole thing is super environmentally friendly as well. For fly fishing on the lake, river or stream there are no better options.

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