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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a snag hook?

Snag hooks are relatively cheap, and snagging takes little more than gas and parking money. Yes, snagging fish means taking a large treble hook, casting it into the water, and pulling the hook quickly through the water until you snag into a fish. The hook can snag any part of the fish. It doesn’t have to be the mouth.

What is snagging in fishing?

Snagging. Snagging, also known as snag fishing, snatching, snatch fishing, jagging (Australia), or foul hooking, is a method of fishing that entails catching a fish using hooks without the fish having to take the bait with their mouth. This is achieved by pulling the fishing line out of the water very quickly as soon as any movement is felt...

What kind of fish can you snagging?

Most game fish species are off limits (with a few exceptions) to snagging but non-game fish, or rough fish, are usually allowed to be caught using by snagging. Game fish are normally defined as bass, panfish, trout, salmon, walleye, catfish, muskie, northern pike, kokanee and whitefish.

How do you catch a fish with a hook?

With only a small bit of the hook emerging from the top side of the bait, it is unlikely to snag on anything, yet a quick hook set easily forces the hook through the remaining plastic and into the fish’s mouth.

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