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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use sleep8 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer?

Sleep8 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer is designed for simplicity and ease of use. To use it well, you only need to unplug the CPAP tube from your CPAP or BIPAP machine and then re-attach it to the universal port. Lastly, place the CPAP mask and the hose inside the bag and then seal it.

What is a sleep8 sanitation kit?

The Sleep8 sanitation kit for your CPAP mask, tubing and water chamber tub use the water-less activated oxygen system that kills more than 99% of germs, sanitizing areas UV light can’t reach. The result is a CPAP kit that’s clean, travel-friendly, and comfortable to use. Now with a 30 day trial!

How do I use the sleep8 filter sanitizer bag?

Simply place your mask, heated or non-heated tubing, headgear and humidifier chamber into Sleep8's Filter Sanitizer Bag and you're ready to go. Sleep8 really is universally compatible with any CPAP or BiPAP machine!

What is sleep8 and how does it work?

Sleep8 is a new and innovative CPAP cleaner and sanitizer that’s especially suitable for travelers. It can kill 99.9% of all germs, viruses, and bacteria in your CPAP equipment. Sleep8 is only one of two such products that have been tested and approved within the US. So, how does Sleep8 actually work? Let’s get to know.

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