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Frequently Asked Questions

What to build in skyblock?

SkyBlock Map Challenges: Build a Cobblestone generator. Build a house. Expand the island. Make a melon farm. Make a pumpkin farm. Make a sugarcane farm. Make a wheat farm. Make a giant red mushroom. Craft a bed. Make 64 stone bricks. Make 20 torches. Make an infinite water source. Craft a furnace. Make a small lake.

Where is Don Hypixel skyblock?

Hypixel Skyblock. You spawn on a tiny little island surrounded by void. You spot a peculiar thing on your island that is unique to Skyblock; the Cobblestone Minion. Out of curiosity, you bridge to the other island to see what it does. You see this Nether Portal; you remember it from Vanilla Minecraft. You enter it.

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