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Frequently Asked Questions

What do servers have skyblock?

Some of the best Skyblock servers to try in Minecraft Hypixel. Image credits: Hypixel is undoubtedly one of the best servers for the game. ... Datblock. Datblock is one of the more popular servers for Minecraft that has a steadily active community of fans. ManaCube. ManaCube is a server that has been around since 2013. ... Mineville. ... Skyblock. ...

What is the IP address for skyblock?

The server IP address for Skyblock Network is In order to find the server IP please use the information provided on the left side of this page. How do I play on the Skyblock Network Minecraft server? Open the launcher, next click the "Play" button then select "Multiplayer" from the menu.

Where to play one block skyblock?

Play OneBlock Skyblock: Open Minecraft (any version will work, but the latest version is best!) Head to "Multiplayer" Click Add Server and input the IP; Join! Once you join the OneBlock MC server, you get your own oneblock world to play with no hassle. Your OneBlock levels up through 12 phases and can spawn up to 12,000 different blocks.

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