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Frequently Asked Questions

What size brake lines should I use?

Most light duty vehicles will use either 3/16 or ¼ “sizes. New brake lines can be purchased in either specific lengths (3,4,5,6 feet), or sometimes even in rolls of random lengths.

What is the most common brake line size?

Three-sixteenths inch and one-quarter inch are the most common sizes of brake lines. Most cars and trucks manufactured use a three-sixteenth inch tubing, as of 2015.

What is the thread size for a brake line?

The nuts on 1/4" double flared brake lines have a 7/16-24 thread which is somewhat of a bastard thread size. (Taps are available from Normally, a 7/16 fine thread is 7/16-20. The threads for 1/4" brake lines where a rubber hose screws into a wheel cylinder with a copper gasket ARE the 7/16-20 standard fine thread.

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