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Frequently Asked Questions

What size do barcodes need to be?

The standard size for EAN-13 barcodes is 37.3 mm x 25.9 mm. The recommended magnification range is between 80% and 200% of standard size – therefore the smallest barcode size should still be at least 30mm wide.

How small can a barcode be?

Barcodes can come in a wide range of sizes, with some 2D codes going as small as a 1/8th inch square. Generally speaking, however, the smaller a code becomes, the more difficult it is to read.

What are barcodes used for?

Barcodes are used as a means of quick identification. Nearly every industry uses barcodes to automate and simplify traceability by tracking everything from where something was produced and when it was shipped, to which retailer sold the product, at what time, and for how much.

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