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Frequently Asked Questions

What size barbell do I Need?

If you decide to invest in a barbell system, you’ll need the following: Bars that are typically 4 to 7 feet long and come in two sizes: the skinnier Standard (about 25 pounds) and the thicker Olympic (about 45 pounds).

Is it better to lift with barbells or Dumbells?

With a barbell, your ROM is limited to the point at which the bar is touching your chest at the bottom of the lift. With dumbbells, you're able to bring your hands lower at the bottom simply because there's no bar stopping you at chest level. The obvious benefit of greater ROM is increased joint mobility.

How heavy is a benchpress barbell?

How Much Does a Bench Press Bar Weigh? A standard barbell generally weighs 45 pounds and it is 7 feet long. For bench press, you will always need to add collars or locks to hold weight plates that you want to add to the barbell.

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