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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of a 2-quart baking dish?

2-qt baking dish Won't absorb stains or odors Microwave-, refrigerator- and freezer-safe design Safe for the dishwasher and oven Glass construction 2-year limited warranty Pair of oblong Pyrex glass baking trays in every package Tough enough for frequent use Dimensions: 11.1"L x 7.1"W x 1.7"H Non-porous construction More items...

What is the standard size of a baking pan?

The standard large loaf pan size is about 9 inches long by 5 inches wide by 3 inches deep (23 x 13 x 8 cm) and holds approximately six to eight cups (1.42–1.89 liters) of batter. This size works well for baking a variety of goods such as yeast breads and dessert breads or cake loaves such as banana bread.

What are the different sizes of baking pans?

Baking Pan. Other common sizes include: square pans 8 x 8 inches in size or rectangular pans that are 7 x 11 inches, 10 x 15 inches, and 12 x 18 inches by 1 or 2 inches in depth. Baking pans are used to hold runny batters, such as cake batter and thick solid masses of food, such as savory hot dish recipes.

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