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Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Baby have a heart murmur?

Rest assured, heart murmurs are quite common in babies. In fact, most infant-related heart murmurs resolve themselves fairly quickly, without serious and long-term complications. It is important to understand the type of heart murmur your baby has been diagnosed with because there are several types of heart murmurs.

Do heart murmurs in babies go away?

Your child may also experience innocent heart murmurs where the levels of red blood cells are low. In most cases, these types of heart murmurs go away with time, but sometimes, they last for entire life. They do not cause further health problems though. These types of heart murmurs are usually the outcome of structural problems of the heart.

Can babies grow out of heart murmurs?

Yes. If a child has a normal, or “innocent,” heart murmur, the heart is normal. After a few years, the murmur may no longer be audible as the child’s chest wall naturally thickens and the heart and vessels grow.

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