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Frequently Asked Questions

How many shrines are there in all?

There are a total of 124 shrines in all that give you spirit orbs - 120 from the base game, and four from the DLC. The DLC does feature 12 other shrines, as well, but they don't give spirit orbs as...

Where to find shrines?

Many shrines are located within buildings and in the temples designed specifically for worship, such as a church in Christianity, or a mandir in Hinduism. A shrine here is usually the centre of attention in the building, and is given a place of prominence.

What are shrines used for?

Originally, a shrine was a box used to contain relics, icons, and other religious objects. Such boxes were of great religious importance, and they might travel the countryside so that the faithful could see them, or be stored in special buildings, including houses of worship.

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