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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times do sheep need to be domesticated?

Sheep ( Ovis aries) were probably domesticated at least three separate times in the Fertile Crescent (western Iran and Turkey, and all of Syria and Iraq). This occurred approximately 10,500 years ago and involved at least three different subspecies of the wild mouflon ( Ovis gmelini ).

What are the main uses of sheep?

Sheep are multi-purpose animals, raised for their meat, milk, wool, hides, and skins. While they have been used to control unwanted vegetation for centuries, grazing as a fee-based service is a relatively new opportunity for US sheep producers.

What food does a sheep eat?

Basic Sheep Food: Clover, Grass and Forbs. For the most part sheep eat grass, clover (and other legumes), forbs and other pasture plants native to the area they live in. Legumes like red clover (pictured to the left), vetch and alfalfa offer an incredibly high nutritional value and are one of the best foods for sheep.

What diseases can you get from sheep?

Q fever is a bacterial disease caused by Coxiella burnetii and primarily affects cattle, sheep, and goats, although other livestock and pets can carry the bacteria. Most animals have no symptoms, but infection may cause abortion in sheep and goats.

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