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How many Severus Snape fanfictions should you read?

7 Severus Snape Fanfictions That Every Potterhead Needs To Read! Happy Birthday, Severus Snape! Our favourite Harry Potter professor, who we shared a complicated relationship with, would have turned 58 today had he been alive.

What did Severus Snape say to Harry Potter?

"Ah, Severus Snape. Oak, dragon heartstring, 12 inches. It has treated you well, I hope?" "Yes," he said simply, his tone pointedly indicating that any further conversation was unwanted. Ollivander looked to Harry, wisely heeding the unspoken message. "I had wondered when I would be seeing you, Mr. Potter.

How did Severus feel about the future of Harry Potter?

Severus knew he was placing a lot on Harry's shoulders all at once and giving him a great deal to have to think about . . . but he had little choice. If the future was to be saved, he had to give Harry all the options he had available to him and as soon as they were viable. Before he had gone back in time, Harry had told him as much.

What matchups are there in Marauder era fanfiction?

Another interesting matchup in Marauder era fanfiction is between Narcissa Black and Severus Snape. For Narcissa, Snape might have been a less intense option than Lucius, and for Snape, Narcissa may have seemed like the golden ticket into the life he'd always dreamed of.

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