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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Buy Office 365 or subscribe?

The ultimate answer depends on how you will be using the apps and services. But, if you will be using Office for years to come, purchasing a Microsoft 365 subscription is perhaps your best option because you get full access to all the apps and benefits with a low cost of ownership.

How much is a subscription to Microsoft Office 365?

You can buy Office for personal computers and Windows tablets the traditional way, by paying for the software just once. For $140, you get Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Comparatively, an Office 365 subscription costs $70 a year for one user, so by year three the subscription is costing you more.

How much is an Office 365 subscription?

For one PC, Office 365 is $100 per year Two PCs: $50 per PC per year Three PCs: $33 per PC year Four PCs: $25 per PC per year Five PCs: $20 per PC year

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