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Frequently Asked Questions

What are utility trucks used for?

A service truck, also referred to as a mechanic or utility truck, can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including preventative maintenance on utilities, minor mechanical repairs to vehicles and equipment, welding, and landscaping in high-clearance areas that require a bucket to reach.

What is an utility service truck?

A utility truck - service truck is a with numerous compartments built into the bed. The terms utility and service can both be used interchangeably in this instance. These trucks are meant for carrying small loads. Utility and service are actually used to categorize a large variety of trucks.

What are utility trucks?

Application: By definition, utility trucks are versatile vehicles suitable for a wide range of different applications. Utility trucks range from flatbeds for long-haul transportation to mechanic's trucks and mobile service trucks.

What are utility trailers used for?

These multi-purpose utility trailers are built with a choice of pressure treated wood or all wire mesh decks, open or with high sides. A small utility trailer is perfect for light or medium duty every day transportation of many items such as motorcycles, lawn mowers, household items, agricultural use, industrial and landscaping needs, etc.

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