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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Transferable utility bed to buy?

The "COMPOSITE CHOICE" Easy Transferable Utility Bed. The "DIAMOND" CUSTOM LOWBOY SRW SHORTBED UTILITY BED. The "HARDBODY PRETTY BOY" Utility Bed. STAHL CHALLENGER Deluxe Utility Bed-Just SOLD But 110+Beds Ready Now!

Why choose a Knapheide service bed?

Aluminum service beds from Knapheide have been rigorously tested & feature a superior design. Tough and tested galvanneal steel bodies for ground, aerial or digger derrick applications.

Can you build a utility body for a plumber?

Whether you’re a plumber, electrician or contractor; we can build you a custom utility body to fit your needs. Made for you and the way you work, any size service body can be easily customized compartment by compartment for your unique trade.

Why choose a custom bed?

Maybe you need options; your specialized line of work requires all of your equipment to have an organized place, and only a custom bed will do the job for you.

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