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Frequently Asked Questions

What does separated mean in a relationship?

separation(Noun) The act of separating or the condition of being separated. separation(Noun) The place at which a division occurs. separation(Noun) An interval, gap or space that separates things. separation(Noun) An agreement terminating a relationship between husband and wife, but short of a divorce.

What is the difference between separated and divorced?

The key difference between legal separation and divorce is that when you are separated, you are still legally married to your spouse even though you are living apart. If you later decide to get divorced, you'll have to go through the legal steps necessary to terminate your marriage.

What is the legal definition of separated?

legal separation. n. a court-decreed right to live apart, with the rights and obligations of divorced persons, but without divorce. The parties are still married and cannot remarry.

What does it mean to be separated?

Separate is an adjective. Separate may also be used as a verb to mean to move things apart, to be moved apart from a group, to act as a barrier. To separate means to sort, detach, or create a boundary. Related words are separates, separated, separating, separately, separateness, separation.

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