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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the best white widow seeds?

White Widow Marijuana Seeds #1 Green House - White Widow Feminized Seeds. ... #2 Mr. ... #3 Paradise Seeds - Original White Widow Feminized Seeds. ... #4 Dutch Passion - White Widow. ... #5 Nirvana - White Widow Feminized Seeds. ... #1 Royal Queen - Automatic White Widow Feminized Seeds. ... #2 Pyramid - Auto White Widow Feminized Seeds. ... #1 Serious - White Russian Seeds. ... More items...

How long should White Widow Veg?

Typically, White Widow remains in the vegetative stage for up to eight weeks. During this time, we recommend exposing it to a minimum of 18 hours of light a day. Once the plants outgrow their original containers, switch them to larger pots. By doing so, you ensure they develop a robust root system along with a thicker stem.

How good is white widow?

White Widow is energizing , and generally produces a high that uplifts your mood, relieves stress, is euphoric, and can relieve the symptoms of depression, chronic pain, and insomnia. This high can last from 1.5 to 2 hours. Potential side effects of this strain include: dry mouth and eyes, anxiety, and paranoia.

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