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Frequently Asked Questions

Is seedsman Legit and safe?

Is Seedsman safe? Yes! it is 100% safe to order your cannabis seeds from Seedman. They have been selling seeds since 2003 and have a good reputation in the cannabis community for low-cost seeds and a huge strain selection.

Should you choose seedsman seed bank for buying marijuana seeds?

In the end, you will be ready to decide whether to choose Seedsman seed bank for buying marijuana seeds. Weed lovers who are in a hurry here’s my quick and short review of Seedsman: Established – in Spain in 2003, and since then it is operating online.

Is seedsman worth it in 2021?

Here’s my quick Seedsmn Review for 2021: Seedsman is the Amazon of seed banks, with a huge selection of strains at very low prices. They also have lots of good promotions & freebies. However, shipping times to the US and Canada can be a little slow. They also have pretty average customer service.

Are there any good seed bank reviews online?

There are a lot of seed bank reviews online that don’t do this. Many reviews are sponsored by the seed banks that they are reviewing. Never trust a seed bank review that is too positive, becuase every seed bank that i’ve used has had issues.

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