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Frequently Asked Questions

When is squid game season 2 coming out?

If Netflix makes a renewal announcement soon enough, Squid Game Season 2 could arrive by the holiday season next year. It could possibly hit in October 2022, especially if the showrunner has plans already for the season. However, the show is a tough one to film, so it might not be until 2023 for it to hit screens after a renewal.

Will there be a season 2 of 'squid game'?

Yes, Netflix has confirmed that there will be a season two of Squid Game. The company also announced that it would be airing on its streaming service on Sept 18th, 2023.

Is squid game worth watching?

Squid Game is absolutely worth watching if you can stand all the violence and tragedy. As much as it’s a show about people competing in a deadly, real-life version of Fall Guys (basically) it’s also a cautionary tale about the many terrible ways that money—whether you have too much or too little—can ruin lives.

Does the old man die in squid game?

Does old man die in the Squid game? Yes, the old man dies in the ‘Squid Game’. The audience is introduced to the elderly gentleman at the same time as the protagonist. It is revealed that he has a brain tumor.

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