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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the nearest Sears Outlet store?

The Sears store in the district’s Woodfield Mall is closing in less than two months from now, and this was confirmed by Transformco, a privately held company that acquired Sears after it filed for bankruptcy in 2018. Transformco stated that the decision to shut down its last store in Illinois is part of its strategy to bounce back.

Is Sears outlet closing?

To celebrate the merger of the two brands, family-friendly community events will be held at all the stores on April 25, according to a press release. The rebranding of the Sears Outlet stores represents another example of the Sears name disappearing from the retail landscape since it filed for bankruptcy in 2018 and began closing stores.

Who owns Sears Hometown and outlet stores?

Hometown and Outlet (NASDAQ:SHOS) is a publicly traded company spun off in 2012 from its perpetually ailing mother ship, Sears Holdings Corp. Fifty eight percent of Hometown and Outlet stock is owned by Sears Holdings CEO Edward Lampert or entities controlled by him.

Is Sears Hometown and outlet stores doomed?

Yes, Sears Hometown And Outlet Stores Is Doomed (NASDAQ:SHOS) | Seeking Alpha. Short Ideas | Services.

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