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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a number in a Word document?

Now press Find button and MS Word will find you the first number (i.e. any digit from 0 to 9) in the document. Please note that it will find each digit individually, that is to say that if 2012 is written in the document –this search will find four digits and not 2012 as a whole number.

How to find and replace numbers in MS-Word?

MS Word is a powerful word processing tool from Microsoft. At times we find ourselves in a situation wherein we need to find and replace numbers in a Word document. It is quite easy to accomplish this using Find and Replace facility given in MS-Word. Here is how we can do this. Open the document where replacement is to be done.

What is this number word search for?

This number word search features number words from 1-20, perfect for developing your young children's number knowledge. Also great for consolidating spelling knowledge, you can use this word search as a starter activity in your lesson or in independent writing activities. Have some fun with numbers! Looking for more number activities?

How do you search for a specific number of characters?

Use an Asterisk to Specify Any Number of Characters. The wildcard you’re likely to use most frequently is the asterisk. It indicates that you want to search for any number of characters. For example, to search for all words beginning with “Th,” type “Th*” in the “Find What” box, and then click the “Find Next” button.

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