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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SDR stand for in computer?

SDR. Sensor Data Record. technology, computing. SDR. Serial Data Receiver. technology, computing, data. SDR. Storage Data Register. technology, patent.

What does SDR stand for in delivery?

This fraction is the sediment ratio (SDR) and is defined by Robinson (1977) as `the percentage of the sediment delivered at a location on the stream system to the gross erosion of the basin', where SDR (%) is inversely proportional to catchment area and gross erosion is the sum of all forms of erosion in the contributing catchment including gully, rill, and sheet erosion.

What does SDR stand for in basketball?

Summary Disposition Report (SDR) - official written report containing agreed upon Level I or II proposed findings of fact and other information outlined in NCAA Bylaw 19.6 that is issued to the COI.

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