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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mysdccd?

The implementation of mySDCCD is one of San Diego Community College District's largest, most complex, and most comprehensive student technology projects.

When will I be able to login to my Canvas course?

Check the District Schedule for the day that your course starts. All students taking fully or partially online classes will be able to login and access their classes on the first day the course starts. Students taking on-campus courses will be informed by their instructor about access to their course Canvas site.

How do I access my Canvas dashboard?

After logging in, you will see your Canvas Dashboard page with your courses listed. Click on the name of the course to access it. Online Students: Your instructor expects you to login on the first day of instruction and follow the directions in the Syllabus.

Do all on-campus courses utilize canvas?

Not all on-campus courses utilize Canvas. Please note that students who register for a course on or after the first day of classes will have to wait 4 - 24 hours for their Canvas course access to be activated. How to Login?

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