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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take Screenshot in Microsoft Windows?

The easiest way to take a screenshot in windows is to press and hold windows key and then press prt scr key (In most keyboards this is located alongside f12 key). If the screen blinks for a while, the screenshot is succesfully taken and if not, try again. You can find these in Screenshots folder inside Pictures folder.

How do you open a screenshot on a PC?

How to Take a Screenshot on a PC Press the PrtScr (Print Screen) key. On most keyboards, this key is located near the upper-right corner. Open a picture editing program like Paint. Press the Ctrl key and the V key at the same time to paste your screenshot. Save your picture as either a .jpg or .png file.

Where is the screenshot located on Windows 10?

The most basic way to capture a screenshot in windows devices is using a Print Screen button. The best and simplest answer to How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10! It is generally located between F12 and Scroll lock button. You may find it written in one of the given ways: “PrntScrn”, “Print Scr”, and “PrtScn”.

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