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Frequently Asked Questions

What defines a scientific theory?

Scientific theory, systematic ideational structure of broad scope, conceived by the human imagination, that encompasses a family of empirical laws regarding regularities existing in objects and events, both observed and posited. A scientific theory is devised to explain these laws in a scientifically rational manner.

What does scientific theory mean?

A scientific theory is simply an idea of the observed facts regarding how a particular thing occurs or works in nature, put in words. Originally Answered: Can you explain a scientific theory as a story?

What is the scientific theory?

A scientific theory is based on careful examination of facts. scientific theory: a chalkboard being drawn on. (Image credit: Witthaya Prasongsin via Getty Images) A scientific theory is a structured explanation to explain a group of facts or phenomena in the natural world that often incorporates a scientific hypothesis and scientific laws.

What are theories in science?

theory (scientific)—a set of principles that seeks to explain uniformities, expressed in the form of empirical laws, as manifestations of underlying entities and internal principles—describe the “underlying entities and processes” (e.g., atoms, molecules, fission)

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