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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any paintable parts for the ng Scanias?

features most of the paintable SCS parts and mod parts from IJs Pack, Romoled and 50k. There are so many parts for the NG Scanias out there, i am sorry, but i cant get them all. Please do not edit my skins without my permission and keep the original links!

What are the best Scania skins?

Trucker Scania Skin 1.35… Groenenboom Scania Skin Pack… Asterix NG Scania Skin… SpongeBob SquarePants NG Scania… The Sweeney NG Scania… Fawlty Towers NG Scania… Only Fools & Horses… TKL NG Scania Skin…

Is paintjob compatible with Scania s Highline?

Paintjob Only Compatible With Scania S Highline! Enjoy The Mod! Incorrect? Let us know!

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