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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Hangout a scam?

There are many Google Hangout Scams to be aware of to avoid falling victim. Here are three common scams used on Google Hangout; Sextortion is a type of blackmail where someone uses explicit photos you’ve sent them against you. The goal of most of these scams is to get you to send them money.

What are the most notorious Skype/zoom/Google Hangouts app scams?

Watch out for the Direct Deposit Scam, one of the most notorious Skype/Zoom/Google Hangouts app scams. Here is how it works: Beware of the Admirer E-card scam!

What are the disadvantages of Google Hangouts?

Along with the benefits of Google Hangouts, there are also some disadvantages that you must know. While using this app for chatting, you may become the victim of financial or romance scammers without even knowing. Till now, thousands of innocent people have become victims of these scams and lost money. Photo credit: Pexels

What is a Hangouts romance scammer?

Primarily, any romance scammer on Hangouts tries to get the victims to send money claiming to be someone who is not, while those who trick their marks pretend to sell items for unbelievable prices. Let’s build a Hangouts scammer list together and warn the rest of the world about their existence.

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