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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Hypixel skyblock mods?

It's advised to download mods from the official discords or websites of mod developers. Links from other sources might be a token logger, otherwise known as a rat. These mods can steal not only your Hypixel SkyBlock items, but your Minecraft account in general.

What is the best mod for skyblock?

Hi Everyone! SkyblockAddons (SBA), SBA is one of the best mods for Skyblock as far as customizability goes, little things such as 'Zealot Counter', or Mana Number, give the feel of an RPG instead of just a block game! SkyblockExtras (SBE), Although SBE is a paid mod, it is worth the 5 dollars.

What is Hypixel mod?

A Hypixel mod that allows you to see other player's stats with just one command. Latest version allows you to see Skyblock stats (armor, inventory, networth). Currently Supported?

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