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Frequently Asked Questions

How many residence halls are there at UCSB?

There are eight university-owned and operated residence halls at UCSB, which house over 5,000 students: San Rafael, San Nicolas, San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Anacapa, Santa Catalina, and Manzanita Village, which includes Los Robles, La Patera, and Las Encinas houses.

Can I Park on campus at UCSB?

UCSB has limited parking space available to students. Most students walk, bike, or take the bus. The best advice to students regarding parking on campus is don’t bring a car. When & Where Else May I Park? How Do I Apply? What Are My Price and Payment Options? When & Where Else May I Park?

What if I don't have a ucsbnetid?

If you are the sender and don't have a UCSBnetID, you must already know the student's residence, room number and PO Box (this information was provided in the UCSB housing assignment email). Once the mailing address is entered, the correctly formatted address will appear below. Please note, addresses may be different depending on the carrier.

How many students are in a residence hall?

Students live in groups of around fifty students and have a designated RA serving as a resource for information or personal assistance. RAs also coordinate social, educational, and recreational activities within the residence halls. Two students are generally placed in each residence hall room, but single and triple rooms do exist.

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