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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bagni San Filippo?

Bagni San Filippo is a small town in the lower Val d'Orcia (just 30 minutes from the border with Lazio) on the eastern skirts of Monte Amiata. It is about 30 minutes south of Pienza, an hour 10 minutes from Siena and 2 hours from Florence.

What makes Terme San Filippo so special?

The Terme San Filippo complex includes a Hotel, which preserves the original spirit of its 18th century origins; curative waters; a Wellness Center and a thermal pool with a view over the spectacular Fosso Bianco. All of the complex is set in a beautiful park, complete with a fitness trail and thermal waters gushing forth.

Where can I find hot water in San Filippo?

Bagni San Filippo is within the " Parco Artistico Naturale Culturale della Val d'Orcia " and there are other hot springs nearby at Bagno Vignoni! Enjoy exploring the pools of hot water at the Fosso Bianco, and if you have the time, explore the pool of hot springs at Bagno Vignoni as well.

Do people use the Bagni San Filippo thermal water?

Many use it, however the relaxing and purifying thermal waters of Bagni San Filippo spa or Bagni San Filippo Val d'Orcia, as others call it, are not affected by this dilemma.

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