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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rutgers a good college?

Answers. Rutgers is also known for its stellar academics, with the best Philosophy department in the nation to one of the best research universities in the world, and much more. Finally, Rutgers is an affordable state university, thus it will not put a dent in one's pocket or bank account.

Is Rutgers University a party school?

Most schools are party schools. The great thing about Rutgers is that you can easily separate yourself from the party environment if you don't like it. The College Avenue section of the campus is in the city, but the rest of Rutgers is a more suburban environment. Every school is a party school.

How did Rutgers University get its name?

Rutgers University, named after Henry Rutgers in 1825, was the first university, or rather college as it was named Rutgers College then, to be named after a Dutch American. It was named after Henry Rutgers as much out of respect for the man as well as for the funds he could and would contribute to it.

What city is Rutgers University located in?

Rutgers University has three campuses in the state of New Jersey. The New Brunswick Campus located in the city of New Brunswick and adjacent Piscataway is the largest campus of the university.

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