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Frequently Asked Questions

What does run time error 1004 mean?

Run time errors are a frequent annoyance for Windows users. These errors are particular to various Microsoft Office programs, including Microsoft Excel. The error that Excel users usually encounter is the Runtime Error 1004. This is a catch all error code which attempts to define errors that are essentially indefinable.

What are run time errors?

Run time (program lifecycle phase) A run-time error is detected after or during the execution (running state) of a program, whereas a compile-time error is detected by the compiler before the program is ever executed. Type checking, register allocation, code generation, and code optimization are typically done at compile time,...

What does 'error 1004?

Run-time error 1004 is an error code pertaining to Microsoft Visual Basic that has been known to affect Microsoft Excel users. The error is known to be most prevalent on Excel 2003 and Excel 2007, although no version of Microsoft's popular worksheet application for computers is safe from the menace that is Run-time error 1004.

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