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Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Java does the Java 11 runtime environment use?

The Java 11 runtime environment uses the latest stable release of Java 11. App Engine automatically updates to new minor revisions, but will not automatically update the major version.

What is Java Runtime Environment (JRE)?

Java Runtime Environment allows the execution of almost any software, from games to web applications and services. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) incorporates a virtual machine (also known as the Java Virtual Machine), a collection of core classes and adjacent platform libraries.

Where is the Java 11 runtime for App Engine in cloud SDK?

The Java 11 runtime for App Engine in the standard environment is declared in the app.yaml file: Download the latest version of the Cloud SDK or update your Cloud SDK to the current version:

What are the C++ runtime framework packages?

C++ Runtime v11.0 framework package for Desktop Bridge (Project Centennial) C++ Runtime framework packages help developers reference the C++ Runtime from their desktop apps that will be distributed through the Store. These framework packages are provided to help developers convert their C++ desktop apps to UWP.

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