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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Runtastic?

Join over 170m people who have used adidas Running by Runtastic. We're more than just a run tracker. With regular challenges and virtual races, you'll always be motivated. Get active with your favorite sports like running, hiking, cycling, yoga, and more. Keep a log of minutes, miles and calories burned and see your statistics. 1. It’s FREE! 2.

What is the Runtastic GPS app?

The Runtastic GPS app for iPhone and Android allows you to track your running, jogging, walking, cycling and other fitness activities. Share your sports activities, set personal goals or join various sports challenges.

What happened to Adidas Runtastic web features?

We’re Retiring adidas Runtastic Web Features! In our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best running and training experiences, we are shifting our focus away from our web presence and toward further developing our mobile apps. We are confident that the time, energy and passion we invest in improving your app experience will be worth it.

Can you use Runtastic on a treadmill?

You can even use it if you're running on a treadmill or using other gym equipment. Runtastic also includes a social component that enables you to share your best times on Facebook and Twitter in a matter of seconds. Runtastic is a very useful tool for anyone who is exercising regularly and wants to keep track of their progress.

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