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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Royalty Pharma?

The quality and scale of Royalty Pharma’s portfolio of pharmaceutical royalties is unparalleled in the industry. Since 1996, we have meticulously acquired royalty interests in many of the industry’s leading drugs by sales addressing serious unmet medical needs.

How do I contact Royalty Pharma?

110 E 59th Street FL 33 New York, NY 10022 +1 (212) 883-0200 [email protected] Social icons Legal Nav TERMSPRIVACY © 2021 Royalty Pharma, RP Management LLC. All Rights Reserved. This website requires JavaScript to work correctly. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser, then refresh this page.

What are Royalty Pharma’s biggest drugs?

By its own count, Royalty Pharma owns partial rights to seven of the 30 top-selling drugs in the United States, including giants like Humira, the arthritis treatment that is the single biggest-selling medication in America.

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