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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Royalty Pharma plc?

About Royalty Pharma plc Founded in 1996, Royalty Pharma is the largest buyer of biopharmaceutical royalties and a leading funder of innovation across the biopharmaceutic

How much did Royalty Pharma offer in 2021?

NEW YORK, NY, July 15, 2021 – Royalty Pharma plc (Nasdaq: RPRX) announced today that it has priced an offering of $1.3 billion of senior unsecured notes, comprised of the following (collectively, the “Notes”): $600 million of 2.15% Senior Notes due 2031 (the “Social Bonds”)

Is Royalty Pharma's portfolio benefiting from high drug prices?

A March report by Moody’s Investors Service noted that Royalty Pharma’s portfolio “has benefited from high price increases in the U.S. pharmaceutical market” and could be “adversely affected if the environment for U.S. pricing dramatically changes or if new legislation is passed that targets U.S. drug pricing.”

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