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Frequently Asked Questions

How to rotate x-axis labels in Matplotlib?

It is much popular because of its customization options as we can tweak about any element from its hierarchy of objects. To rotate X-axis labels, there are various methods provided by Matplotlib i.e. change it on the Figure-level or by changing it on an Axes-level or individually by using built-in functions.

How do I rotate the labels of a subplot?

If you’re working with subplots, for each subplot, use the subplot axes object’s set_xticklabels () to rotate the labels on the x-axis. Note that you have to pass the labels to use along with the degree of rotation to this function. You can similarly rotate the y-axis labels of a subplot using its axes object’s set_ytickslabels () function.

How to attach labels to a chart in Matplotlib?

Long story short, Matplotlib doesn't attach the labels to the chart until the very end, when the chart is drawn. So if you try to call get_xticklabels () before that, you get empty strings. A relatively hacky fix is just to draw the chart before calling the method.

How to rotate axis text in Python Matplotlib?

Rotate axis text in python matplotlib Use tick_params on the AxesSubplot, but ax in your case is an np array of AxesSubplot objects.

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