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Frequently Asked Questions

How to rotate x-axis tick labels in Matplotlib?

Rotate X-Axis Tick Labels in Matplotlib Now, let's take a look at how we can rotate the X-Axis tick labels here. There are two ways to go about it - change it on the Figure-level using plt.xticks () or change it on an Axes-level by using tick.set_rotation () individually, or even by using ax.set_xticklabels () and ax.xtick_params ().

How to rotate tick labels in Python?

Rotate tick labels: By using x.ticks () and y.ticks () method we can rotate tick labels. Display: At last display the plot by using the show () method. For X-axis labels matplotlib.pyplot.xticks (ticks=None, labels=None, rotation=None, ......) For Y-axis labels matplotlib.pyplot.yticks (ticks=None, labels=None, rotation=None, ......)

How to rotate y-axis tick labels on figure level?

Conclusion! Y-axis tick labels rotate at an angle of 63 degree. For rotation of tick labels on figure level firstly you have to plot the graph by using the plt.draw () method. After this, you have to call the tick.set_rotation () method and pass the rotation angle value as an argument.

How to use Matplotlib in Python?

1 Import the library matplotlib.pyplot for visualization of data. 2 Define data the X-axis and Y-axis and create a plot by using the plt.plot () method. 3 Set xticks and yticks label rotation at 90 degrees by using plt.xticks () and plt.yticks () method for the x-axis and y-axis respectively and set rotation= 90 as the argument ... More items...

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