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Frequently Asked Questions

How many episodes of drama romance is a bonus book are there?

Details Drama: Romance is a Bonus Book Country: South Korea Episodes: 16 Aired: Jan 26, 2019 - Mar 17, 2019 Aired On: Saturday, Sunday Original Network: tvN, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix Duration: 1 hr. 2 min. Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

Why is romance is a bonus book so popular?

Romance is a Bonus Book is an extremely popular Netflix Original K-Drama. This story is incredibly heartfelt and warm, leaving many viewers yearning for more dramas like it. The story isn't overly dramatic and the characters are pretty much never malicious and always do their best to help each other out.

What are the best romance novels about office romance?

My Secret Romance is another story about office place romances. This drama is comedic and extremely romantic as these two characters, a CEO and the company's nutritionist, fall in love. My Secret Romance is really similar to that of Romance is a Bonus Book when it comes to the overall theme and atmosphere in the story.

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