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Frequently Asked Questions

What is aimblox script?

Aimblox features include features such as ESP, AUTO-FARM and Silent Aimbot. You might be looking for this hack for a long time, but we have Aimblox Script AimBlox Script is a hack system available for Roblox players. It is a Roblox hack that has different abilities, such as ESP, AUTO-FARM and Silent Aimbot.

Is the aimbot script Universal?

This script is indeed universal, but it might not run on games with specific character constructions (custom characters). getgenv (). Aimbot More on how to configure the aimbot below this part. This script includes settings which can be easily configured to your preference. getgenv (). Aimbot.

How do I change the key to trigger the aimbot?

If you want to change the key you want to press to trigger the Aimbot, configure the TriggerKey setting. getgenv (). Aimbot. Settings. TriggerKey = "E" -- E is the key's name (This is equivalent to Enum.KeyCode.E, except, the script only handles strings) getgenv (). Aimbot. Settings.

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