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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the four common risk mitigation strategies?

1) The four common risk mitigation strategies are: Researching, Adopting, Adapting, and Constraining Avoiding, Controlling, Transferring, and Assuming Accepting, Researching, Allocating, and Delimiting Handling, Tracking, Incurring, and Reacting 2) Each of the following issues impact test planning and execution activities except one.

What are effective risk mitigation strategies?

Risk mitigation strategies is a term to describe different ways of dealing with risks. These strategies include risk avoidance, transfer, elimination, sharing and reducing to an acceptable level.

What are risk mitigation techniques?

Risk mitigation is the practice of reducing identified risks. It is one of four types of risk treatment with the others being risk avoidance, transfer and acceptance.Techniques to mitigate risk are largely dependent on the type of risk that you want to reduce. The following are general types of mitigation technique, each with an example.

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