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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules of risk the game?

Risk - Rules Overview. Winning the Game: When a player eliminates all the armies of another player he then receives his cards. If he has six or more cards, he must turn in a set of cards for armies, which he may place immediately for attack. If he has less, he may not turn in cards until the beginning of his next turn.

How do you play the game Risk?

Risk cards are shuffled and then placed face down where every player can reach them. Game play starts with the player who placed the first army. Mission cards are used for a special game mode and should be separated from the Risk cards and set aside for normal play.

How do I play risk?

Attacking Attack adjacent territories. Attack any number of times from any one of your territories to any adjacent territory. Declare that you are going to attack. Decide how many armies you are going to use in your attack. Roll the dice. Occupy the territory if you win it. Get a Risk Card if you can.

What are games similar to risk?

A lot more similar to Risk, there are games like: Shogun, and TEG. For games with a fantasy theme, there are the games from the Runebound universe, specifically RuneWars; BattleLore is quite cool and there is of course War of the Ring; which is excellent.

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