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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use rewardsurvey?

RewardSurvey is best for individuals who spend most of their free time online and would like to earn reward points for participating in surveys. It is also best for companies looking to improve their products and services by researching their target market. How Much RewardSurvey Points Are Worth?

Does rewardsurvey have a sweepstakes?

RewardSurvey operates a Dream Maker $25,000 sweepstakes. You’ll receive a sweepstake entry every day you are active on the platform. RewardSurvey has an affiliate program where it rewards its members with free magazines for completing simple and easy survey questions. Earn up to $0.70 for every magazine redeemed on RewardSurvey.

Is rewardsurvey getting better offers in 2021?

RewardSurvey is one of the leading free magazine providers and thankfully it looks like they're getting better offers as 2021 goes on. It's important to remember that offers are unique to each account!

Why do I keep coming back to rewardsurvey?

One of the main reasons I keep coming back to RewardSurvey is they tend to always offer me at least one new, rare, exclusive free magazine offer each month. After signing up and completing a short survey (usually around 20 basic questions), you'll get $20 credited to your account that allows you to request most of the free magazines they offer.

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