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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rewardsurvey?

1. The Services. RewardSurvey is an online community dedicated to sharing opinions that help shape and improve a wide variety of products and services.

Is rewardsurvey getting better offers in 2021?

RewardSurvey is one of the leading free magazine providers and thankfully it looks like they're getting better offers as 2021 goes on. It's important to remember that offers are unique to each account!

Why do I keep coming back to rewardsurvey?

One of the main reasons I keep coming back to RewardSurvey is they tend to always offer me at least one new, rare, exclusive free magazine offer each month. After signing up and completing a short survey (usually around 20 basic questions), you'll get $20 credited to your account that allows you to request most of the free magazines they offer.

How much do you get for completing a reward survey?

But overall, the cash reward for each survey isn’t necessarily large. That means it can take a while to accumulate the minimum $15 to cash out. RewardSurvey always grants participants $30 in reward points, except in the case of special offers like tickets or gift cards.

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