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Frequently Asked Questions

How to link items on rewardStyle?

The best way to link items on RewardStyle is through Link Ninja. I highly recommend using Link Ninja on your desktop computer or laptop, because it is much easier to set up than on your phone. Here’s exactly how to add links through Link Ninja. 1. Install Link Ninja The first step is to install Link Ninja on your computer.

What widgets can I use with rewardStyle?

You can also make cool additions to your blog through it as well! Link Ninja is the way you can link all of your items! This is honestly the most important widget for RewardStyle. The main reason being that it helps you create all of your other widgets! You literally just drag the Link Ninja button to your favorites bar (on your desktop) to start.

How do I download the link Ninja widget?

Here’s how to download the widget on your desktop or on mobile. You’ll need to download the rewardStyle app. In the app, click the Link Ninja icon (the one with the karate man). Then, search for a brand or store (i.e. Sephora). You’ll then be able to generate links to any page by clicking the Link Ninja icon again.

How do I find John Lewis products on rewardStyle?

Take John Lewis as an example who are listed on rewardStyle. Their products are visible  by logging onto the rewardStyle app and searching for them in their search tabs.

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